[Video] Engaging Attendees: A TD Bank Workplace Diversity Event

Not so long ago, EventMobi had the privilege of partnering with TD Bank on a special workplace diversity event. A keynote and executive panel were invited to discuss the issues and challenges regarding workplace diversity and the audience was encouraged to chime in with their own stories, challenges, and questions.

The problem was ensuring the audience felt comfortable enough to ask probing questions in a public forum. Organizers also wanted to encourage attendees to meet new people. Thanks to EventMobi’s event technology platform featuring live polls, a networking game, and an anonymous tech-enabled Q&A session, TD Bank accomplished all of these goals and more. Here’s their story:


Recap: How Event Technology Enhanced The Workplace Diversity Event

  • A branded & secure mobile app gave participants a better option for viewing the agenda and speaker profiles
  • The tech-enabled Q&A session allowed audience members to ask hard-hitting questions anonymously which helped create a more authentic dialogue on workplace diversity issues
  • Live polls permitted the speakers to get real-time feedback on workplace diversity challenges facing employees — critical for pushing forward the agenda
  • Networking games in the app incentivized and rewarded attendees for meeting new people and this ignited novel conversations, exciting possibilities, and different connections

Engaging attendees: a TD bank workplace diversity event

As TD Bank demonstrates, leveraging event technology can truly enhance the quality of interactions between attendees, presenters, and speakers to enable deeper conversations. Kudos to TD Bank for putting on this important workplace diversity event and thank you again for choosing EventMobi as your technology partner.

On that note, do you have an event coming up? Have you thought about the different ways event technology can enhance the attendee experience with live polls, Q&A, surveys or networking games? We’d love to hear your thoughts or questions in the comment section below. Or better yet, schedule a demo with us to learn more!

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