2014 Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship [Free Download]

Event sponsorship is changing and it’s important you and your sponsors don’t miss out on the exciting new opportunities a mobile event app can offer.

Whether you’re offering increased brand exposure or a new channel for sponsors to communicate with potential customers, your event app can help you generate revenue at your event. The challenge of course is that event app sponsorship is brand new! Where do you get started? How much should event app sponsorship cost? What are the different opportunities available?

All these questions answered and much more in the updated 2014 Guide to Event App Sponsorship.

Over the past 4 years, the EventMobi team has distilled the ingenuity and experiences of over 4,000 event planners into a powerful resource with tips and real-world examples. We’ve even put together some negotiation strategies and ways for corporate planners to take advantage too. Interested? Learn more with this free download.

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