Give Your Event App the Introduction it Deserves with a Promo Video

Video promotions are quickly becoming the medium of choice online and its important for you and your event to stay ahead of the game. That’s why your EventMobi app now includes a 90-second custom event app promotion video that you can share with attendees.

When it comes to communicating your event app to attendees, we’ve seen a variety of successful strategies. The most effective are short and sweet video tutorials. Therefore, clearly communicating the benefits of your event app in a concise manner will increase usage. Ultimately a video will create a better event experience.

With that said, we understand not everyone likely has the resources to create their own custom video tutorial.

That’s why you can have a custom video made for you.

Talk to your event success coach to request a custom promotional event app video that you can send out to your attendees before your event.

We just had to share this enthusiastic reply after posting this announcement. Happy to help in every way possible!

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Gimme! What do I need to do? We desperately need this!”

Mary Petto, Dir. of Communications @ WTS International

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