Launch Your Event App to All Four App Stores Effortlessly

Over the past few years, event apps have become an essential part of your attendee’s experience. Personalized agendas, mobile networking tools, maps, session evaluations, etc. And every year, as event apps get simpler and new features are added, attendees become more comfortable using them. However, it is still critical to let your attendees know how to access and download the app pre-event as well as on-site.

Removing any sort of barrier or confusion to make it easier for attendees to access the app is the key part of increasing adoption and usage of your event app. With EventMobi, accessing the event app has always been as easy as typing a short link in any browser.

With this in mind, EventMobi now allows you to launch your event app not only in the browser but as well in all four app stores: Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. So, just in case some of your attendees still go to an app store to look for your event app, they can find it easily.


With an event app that attendees can access through their app store or preferred web browser, you’re making it easier than ever for attendees to find and access your event app. This will lead to higher adoption rates and usage, eventually increasing the ROI for your event app investment.

In the next few months, stay tuned as we continue to announce new exciting features. Our ultimate goal, as always, is for you to enhance your attendees’ experience with simple, powerful, and useful technology.

This new feature is included in the MAX and EXECUTIVE packages and an add-on for FLEX and PRO packages. To learn more about EventMobi’s packages and this incredible new addition, get in touch with your account manager and read about our new native app services below.