Now Available: The Ultimate Guide to Event Gamification [Free Download]

Games are more prevalent than ever before. From popular gaming consoles to the rise of mobile phones, games demand attention and engagement – something businesses are quickly catching on to.

Event gamification is the use of game mechanics to engage attendees, modify participant behavior, and accomplish event goals. These age-old game dynamics have been strategically implemented to create competition, drive desired behaviours, and engage players in solving real world problems. Starbucks, Air Miles, and Bell Media have been utilizing gamification like loyalty reward programs to increase customer retention for years. What those actions are depends on your objectives, which hinge on the makeup of your event, and that’s why we’re going to explore gamification in events.

Event gamification is not about turning your conference into a competition or a video game. It’s a strategy that applies game mechanics, dynamics, and design (e.g. leaderboards, time constraints, and rules of play) to amplify the ultimate attendee experience and achieve your objectives.

To learn more about conference and event gamification, download the free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Event Gamification