EventMobi Fusion 2.0 and the Top 10 Reasons Why It’s the New Gold Standard for Event Apps

As a marketing or event professional you could probably name a dozen technology tools you’ve worked with over the past year. Whether it was a registration system, conference app, or a survey tool, chances are you had to use multiple suppliers in order to implement the technology your meeting required to serve your attendees. This can be a bit of a pain, inefficient, and costly, and it’s something we wanted to change.

Starting Feb 3rd 2014, EventMobi will be extending its world-leading event app into a full event marketing and software platform: one single solution for all your event technology needs, seamlessly integrated. No more uploading and downloading Excel files, revision control, and painfully trying to coordinate multiple solutions.

Here’s the next generation of event technology introduced by EventMobi co-founders Bob and Bijan Vaez:

1 – Brand New Event App Design

After more than a year of research and studying how attendees use event apps, our designers completely revamped the EventMobi app making it easier to use while the development team simultaneously made it the most feature-rich platform available. The redesign was also extended to create the best visual experience on smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.


2 – 100% Customizable Home Page

First impressions are key. Now, with Fusion 2.0, you can dream up and design the very first visual your attendees see when they log into your app. Not just a flashy splash page or a bunch of icons, this is an entirely new way to use an event app home page featuring graphics and links to important information in your app. Whether you want to highlight a sponsor or you’re looking to promote each day’s keynote presentation, you can do it quickly and easily with the drag-and-drop design tool in the Content Manager.


3 – Personal Attendee Dashboard

Attendee Dashboard
With your attendees’ experience at the forefront of EventMobi’s new design, the unique Attendee Dashboard provides each attendee with their profile, schedule, notes, and other personal event details at-a-glance, within 2 clicks or less.

4 – Seamless Background Updates


Fewer distractions means more focused attendees. EventMobi Fusion 2.0 is the only app that updates automatically in the background without requiring attendees to constantly interact with “Update Now” pop-ups. The best part, the app only updates the pages that have changed which minimizes bandwidth use – a feature your roaming attendees will absolutely love you for.


5 – Universal Search

Universal Search
Now, your attendees can find everything they need with just one lightning-fast search. Simply type in your search term and the entire event app is searched from top to bottom. Every result is displayed on one page making it easy for attendees to find what they’re looking for.


6 – Social Content Sharing

Social Sharing

Because every page in your event app has a unique URL, it’s easy for attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors to highlight and share specific parts of your app. You may want to tweet out a link to your sponsor’s in-app profile or a speaker may want to share their presentation slides. Each session even has a one-click Tweet button for attendees who wish to share the sessions they’re attending. No other event app out there can provide you with this epic level of sharing.

7 – Attendee Engagement Tools

Whether you’re trying to get attendees engaged with sessions, speakers, or each other, EventMobi’s suite of engagement tools provides attendees with everything they need to make the most of your event. Live polling can help attendees anonymously ask the speaker a question. Private in-app chat helps attendees setup onsite face-to-face meetings. You know your event and your attendees best so you choose the tools that will make them shine.


8 – Enhanced Sponsorship Opportunities

With so many customization options available and a wide variety of features to choose from, it’s time to take sponsorship beyond simple banner ads. Integrate your sponsors into the event experience online and onsite by repurposing features in your event app. For example, use Direct Notification™ to send out sponsored alerts to select groups of attendees. You can create tiers of sponsorship options dependent on exactly how many attendees your sponsor is targeting. For more ideas on how to generate revenue, download the free eBook: 2014 Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship.


9 – End-to-End Integration

For Planners
From pre-event registration and promotion to post-event surveys and analytics, all of your data flows seamlessly, beginning to end. That means no more uploading and downloading of files between a 4 or 5 different systems and no more confusing revision control. Everything is always in-sync and up-to-date in one platform.

For Attendees
With a built in registration system, attendees can now register for your event from the comfort of their office desk, create their personal schedule on their tablet at home, and access your event app onsite via their smartphone. With a full cross-platform sync, it doesn’t matter where, when, or what device they use, attendees always have access to their information instantly. And since it’s all on one platform, the intuitive, beautiful experience will have a major impact on the overall perception of your event, all while lessening distractions and creating more focused attendees.


10 – Most Advanced Content Manager

Background Updates
Many event apps now boast a Content Management System of sorts but considering EventMobi was the first full-control event app available 3 years ago, we’re excited to provide you with the most powerful, comprehensive Content Manager in the industry. Everything from the look and feel of your app right down to the branding, navigation, and content updates can be made in seconds. Now with over 4,000 planners around the world creating their own event apps without any technical expertise whatsoever, EventMobi is making it easier for you to take full control of your technology.