Working at EventMobi: An Intern’s Experience

Many of us have been there – sitting in a classroom and wondering what post-student life has in store for us. How do the skills we’re learning translate into a fulfilling career? It can be a daunting experience for many to link their in-classroom experience to that first step into the “real world.” That’s why many universities and colleges have implemented experiential and hands-on education for their students through internship and co-op placements, which has had a huge impact working at EventMobi.

At EventMobi, we love participating in these programs to help foster critical thinking, problem-solving and give the leaders of tomorrow a glimpse into a potential career path. With co-ops working at EventMobi, we have students placed across the organization, including our marketing, support and engineering departments. We’ve had some amazing talent join us over the years, and many who’ve returned full-time!

Today we wanted to share the experiences of three of our current Customer Support Team placements – Kia-Marie, Jesse and Alyssa – to give you insight into the fantastic impact of these programs on both EventMobi and students. Here we go…

Why did you decide to work at EventMobi?

Kia-Marie at EventMobi

Kia-Marie: My university has a job board where all the co-op students can search for jobs posted by employers. EventMobi’s job description stood out from the rest as it focused more on the company’s vision, opportunities for personal development, and the unique company culture. There was even a great introduction video about why working at the company was amazing. It seemed like the perfect environment for a student to gain new experiences and refine their transferable skills.

Alyssa: A good friend of mine did a co-op placement at EventMobi and had a really great experience, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Based on previous experiences I was looking for something different from the bigger corporate offices I had worked in and wanted to take the opportunity to try something new. I had heard about the amazing culture here at EventMobi and wanted to experience it for myself.

Jesse: As a technology start-up company that has young, fun, and smart people working for them with impressive accolades to show for, I knew that working at EventMobi would be a great opportunity to learn. The location being in downtown Toronto was also really appealing! Opening my horizon to learn in a big city just screamed opportunity and potential all over it, and I thought to myself, ‘What a great way to start my career!’

What’s it like working on the Customer Support Team at EventMobi? 

Kia: Being on the Customer Support Team at EventMobi is a unique experience, mostly because of my teammates. Everyone on the team is always so open to communicating with each other and working together, especially when creating workaround solutions to client problems out of the norm. Being on the Customer Support team has taught me a lot about the importance of teamwork and interestingly enough, how the tone of your interactions with a client can have a lasting impression of your entire organization. Through my experience working at EventMobi, I definitely refined my multitasking skills by carrying on multiple client conversations simultaneously in real time on our live chat platform while also monitoring customer emails and answering customer phone calls.

Alyssa at EventMobi

Alyssa: Working on the Customer Support Team has been great. The people on the team are so welcoming and open to questions. I can tell they really want us to learn as much as possible. Each day is different working at EventMobi, which keeps it interesting. I love the people that I work with as well as getting to interact directly with clients. I get satisfaction from hearing their problems and helping come up with resolutions. I also get to enjoy hearing feedback from our clients and knowing we have been able to help them.

Jesse: I really enjoy the opportunity to help solve problems that clients face as they build their event. Each day I interact with new clients who have questions about how to enhance their event app and make it a better user experience for their event attendees. Every organizer has different questions so I’m constantly learning and figuring out with the rest of the customer support team how to solve the problems they have. Working at EventMobi has been a great experience and I have learned many skills in supporting clients that I’ll take with me into the future.

Tell us about some of the projects you’ve gotten to work on? 

Kia: My experience on the support team is slightly different from the other interns as I am in a blended role of half customer support and half tech support. For me, this means that not only do I provide frontline customer support and work to answer customer questions but I also have the opportunity to further enhance my critical thinking skills. This is especially true when researching customer complaints, trying to figure out where the bugs are in the event app and sending this information to the Engineering Team to be fixed. I’ve also taken ownership of our Net Promoter Score process which has been really interesting to see and dig deeper into our client’s feedback.

Alyssa: A big project I’ve gotten to work on is helping to plan and organize EventMobi’s first Town Hall. It has given me the opportunity to collaborate with and get to know other Mobiers from other departments. It’s also put me in the shoes of our clients as being part of an event planning team, which was awesome!

Jesse at EventMobi

Jesse: I’ve had the opportunity to go onsite to one of our clients’ events to see our product in action. I have gotten the chance to learn and get more in-depth insight into our clients’ mindset. I now better understand how to incorporate our product into an event and the challenges event planners have in planning and executing an event.

What’s your favorite thing about working at EventMobi? 

Kia: The environment here isn’t like a typical office. People are really eager to help and assist you. They’re really welcoming and friendly. At EventMobi, we have a Friday meeting where we give shoutouts and recognize the successes of the week. At these meetings, you always get to connect with someone new and celebrate the past week. I have also had the opportunity to join the company sports team. Every season, EventMobi plays a different sport and for the winter season, it was trampoline dodgeball! Participating in this team was a unique experience for me because it broke the ice early on with my coworkers from all different departments. I’ve been able to get to know people in the company who I don’t normally work or interact with on a day-to-day basis at the office.


Alyssa: Every day I’ve been excited to come into work, and I think that’s rare for most people! The culture and people in the office really make working at EventMobi a great experience. We’ve done a lot of great team-building activities that promote the culture. Just last month we had SkiMobi, where the entire company took the day off and went to Collingwood for the day.

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Jesse: Back in March, the Customer Support team was recognized internationally by winning a Silver Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Support. To celebrate, the entire support and customer success team went up to the CN Tower! It was a great experience spending time out of the office with co-workers and developing an even deeper relationship with them.

Any words of advice for future Mobiers?

Support Interns at EventMobi  

Kia: My advice is to be really open to taking on new tasks. Projects and tasks will always pop up that are outside of your original scope of the role. A lot of the time you are going to have to use your critical thinking skills to figure out how to make the event app fit the customers’ needs as every event is different and no single solution will be applicable to every person. Because of this, you have to also be willing to reach out to your colleagues and ask for help or another pair of eyes. Brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of other people to come up with solutions to customer issues has been a big part of my experience on the Customer Support team.

Alyssa: Take every opportunity you can get – even if you get stuck or feel like it’s outside of your scope, you have a whole team ready to support you! There have been times where I was hesitant to take on a task but I received support every step of the way and have now learned some amazing new skills I’ll be able to use in any other role I take on as I grow in my career.

Jesse: The advice I’d give to future Mobiers is to have a willingness and desire to help others. As said before, EventMobi is a family and team-focused culture where everyone puts others in front of themselves, whether it’s clients or co-workers. Be ready to perform at your best! The atmosphere sets the expectation that you need to be at your best because every co-worker holds themselves to a high standard in their area, But the great thing is that everyone is so supportive and collaborative that you want to always be performing at your top notch. One final piece of advice I’d give is to be ready to have some fun! Work can be stressful at times and very intense but the people within the company make it the best job you could possibly have!

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