EventMobi MindRead – New Feature Tells You What Your Attendees Are Thinking

All too often there is a disconnect between what planners provide and what attendees desire. It seems no matter what we do, our attendees always have something else in mind. Whether it’s a session topic they want covered or a speaker they would love to hear more from, your attendees offer powerful insights into the best event experience. The challenge has been creating that channel for communication between attendee and event organizer.

Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new solution – EventMobi MindRead.

After months of research and development, the engineering team has developed a powerful proprietary algorithm that calculates electrical signals sent through the fingertips of attendees as they touch their smartphone. At the same time, measuring the heartrate provides a cross-reference in their emotional reaction. With this calculation, you can actually discover exactly what attendees are thinking about your event along with their emotional reaction to those thoughts.

MindRead Mode

“MindRead is revolutionizing the way I connect with my attendees. Now I can give them exactly what they want, before they even say anything” – James Bunford, Event Manager

Instead of guessing what your attendees are thinking, you can just read their mind. MindRead pricing starts at $5/attendee; however with MindRead Enterprise, multi-mind discounts are available.

The MindRead algorithm is currently being added to all EventMobi apps. In the meantime, EventMobi still offers a variety of integrated live polling and survey tools. While not taking into consideration electrical signals from the brain, in-app polling and survey tools still prove to be powerful insight into the attendees’ minds.

Join us for a webinar and discuss how to generate better insights and feedback from attendees, whether or not you’re actually reading their mind. And by the way…EventMobi MindRead doesn’t actually exist… Happy April Fools!

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