How EventMobi’s Virtual Event Platform Enables Engaging Online Events

The EventMobi Virtual Space for the Edgestone Virtual Summit in a desktop computer

So, You’ve Decided To Take Your Event Online…

Since the beginning of the pandemic, event professionals around the world have seen firsthand how challenging it can be to stay engaged online in the face of video conferencing and webinar fatigue. As a result, the one thing we can all agree upon is that a great virtual event must be more than a glorified Zoom conference! 

An online home for your content is necessary to showcase your brand, and offer easy access to live streams and video-on-demand so your audience keeps coming back for more. Speaker readiness and presentations are just as important as they are at in-person events, but in-session engagement, high quality video production, and facilitating online networking takes on a whole new meaning at online events and conferences. 

With no physical space to dedicate to your exhibitors, interactive virtual booths and the promotion of your sponsors in broadcasts and interactive sessions is essential to offer them a compelling ROI. At the same time, sponsors that focus on offering value to attendees, or sponsoring sessions for exposure while adopting a proactive networking strategy will have more opportunities to generate qualified leads.

Here at EventMobi, we want to make it easy for you to understand how our new Virtual Event Space can help you take your events online and allow your organization to continue to engage your employees, customers and members. Below we have put together a breakdown of the features, services and benefits that our platform offers. 

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Eight Reasons Why EventMobi’s Virtual Event Platform Is The Most Flexible Solution for Your Online Events 

There are an ever-growing number of live stream, webinar, and online engagement tools out there offering virtual event solutions, so you’re probably curious about EventMobi’s Virtual Conference Platform features, and how it can help you create professional, engaging and scalable online events. 

The EventMobi end-to-end platform has everything you need to promote your event, sell tickets, manage speakers and content, host and monetize engaging live events, and measure your event success. You will have access to our award-winning customer support team and can take advantage of our full suite of professional services to help take care of the details.

1. Custom Branding 

It’s time we put an end to generic webinars and yet another Zoom invite email! Just like your in-person events, brand visibility across your virtual event experience is critical. You can tailor your experience for your audience with a custom design and features, and highlight sponsors in a variety of ways in order to maximize your monetization opportunities. Our extensive customization options allow you to create a Virtual Event Space that looks exactly the way you want it to.

2. Flexible Video and Live Stream Capabilities

Flexible video and live stream capabilities means you can use different video tools for different session types. You will be able to choose the platforms you are most comfortable with, in the right context! If you decide to broadcast your main stage for example, the live stream is easily embedded right into your Virtual Space and does not require any plugins or software to be downloaded by your audience, which allows you to create a seamless attendee experience. But if you need to create interactive breakout sessions, embedding links to each session via our seamless sign-on integration with Zoom is simple and effective.

3. Scalable Online Platform

The EventMobi virtual platform is scalable, which means it’s perfect for both small and large online events. With EventMobi, it’s easy to manage even complex agendas, and use a mix of live stream and pre-recorded content, with the ability to run as many mixed format concurrent sessions as you need. Advanced features like custom fields and conditional visibility allow you to gate content based on attendee and ticket types. Choosing a platform provider doesn’t have to mean paying for a bunch of features you don’t need. We know that every event is unique and budgets are limited, so you have the option to choose the package that best suits your event’s specific requirements and purchase add-ons such as professional services as needed. 

4. Online Networking 

Creating online networking opportunities in your Virtual Space is easy both one-on-one and in groups. Leverage custom fields and allow your attendees to build rich, searchable profiles. Encourage group discussions, live chat and 1:1 video meetings to foster networking. Create high-value round table breakouts by offering gated access to curated, live video group discussions, or run open interactive workshop sessions using your video conference platform of choice, so your audience can make valuable connections with other attendees and sponsors.

5. Attendee Engagement

We’ve taken the award-winning engagement tools from our event app, and integrated them into the Virtual Event Space. Offer live polls and Q&A side-by-side in sessions, and empower attendees to provide live feedback and engage with speakers in real-time. The engagement tools have built-in reporting, allow for moderation and include branded live results pages to display at the opportune time during the live stream. Add fun gamification challenges throughout your event or across your virtual event series.

6. Monetization Options

Ticket sales are not the only way to monetize your online event. EventMobi’s Virtual Event Space offers endless sponsorship opportunities, from virtual exhibitor booths to banner ads and sponsored sessions. Plus, you can offer attendees special perks such as access to premium sessions or content for an extra fee. Work with our GoLive! Services team to monetize your videos and live streams by overlaying sponsor logos and offers, and enable live chat with exhibitors to help them generate leads.

7. Hybrid Ready

If your event is still several months away, you may find that travel restrictions are lifted and on-site events are once again possible – with certain limitations in place. In this case, the switch from online-only to hybrid or fully in-person is easy as our platform supports all three types of events. Engage on-site attendees with our market-leading event app, while remote participants can join the action via your Virtual Space.

8. A Decade of Customer Success

10 years ago, we launched the EventMobi event app as one of the very first providers in this emerging market. Today, our platform includes a wide range of features such as registration, on-site check-in and a suite of event marketing tools. Our team of experts has helped over 20,000 planners create successful events, from small association meetings to large corporate conferences. This means you can rest assured that we will give you all the tools and resources you need for a top-notch attendee experience – regardless of whether your event is on-site or online.

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How EventMobi Makes Online Events Easy to Manage and Fun to Attend

EventMobi is a complete end-to-end platform, from event marketing to post-event analytics. The Virtual Event Space is also packed with features for both event organizers and remote attendees. Below are highlights of the most important features we believe are critical for your virtual event success and creating a smooth online event experience.

Create custom branded event registration websites for your virtual event with EventMobi

1. Registration & Website: Promote your event and sell tickets 

Let us create your fully branded event registration website, featuring your agenda, speaker info, sponsors and more. Leverage unlimited options for different attendee and ticket types, registration forms and session selection, and choose from over 10 payment gateways.

2. Social Dashboard: Share social media posts and measure the impact of your event

The social dashboard lets you easily understand your audience and which elements of your campaign are the most engaging. Easily embed the best content into your Virtual Space, and gather comprehensive metrics about your event’s reach, demographics, and audience sentiment.

3. Video and Live Stream: Live streaming, webinar, simulive & video-on-demand

Embed live streams, simulive or on-demand video content from Zoom, GoToWebinar, YouTube, On24 and many more into your Virtual Event Space. Use EventMobi’s side-by-side engagement features to keep your remote attendees glued to their seats.

4. Engagement: In-session interactivity with chat, live polls and Q&A

Turn attendees into active participants using session chat, live polls and Q&A during your sessions. With polls and surveys, your attendees are anonymous participants in your sessions providing real-time feedback and interaction.

Gamification allows attendees to complete fun challenges

5. Gamification: Create fun challenges that drive action

Engage your attendees and influence their behavior and learning through fun, friendly challenges that reward activities and actions. Encourage your guests to interact with others, visit exhibitors or attend sessions. Showcase your leaderboard on your Virtual Space home screen to help fuel the friendly competition!

1:1 video meetings for virtual events made easy

6. Networking: Connecting your online audience

Networking needn’t be an afterthought just because your attendees can’t meet in-person. Using detailed attendee, speaker and exhibitor profiles, 1:1 chat and video meetings, appointment booking and group discussions, it’s never been this easy to connect remote attendees with each other as well as with speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Showcase sponsors and exhibitors with Virtual Booths

7. Sponsorship: Virtual booths, banner ads, lead gen and live demo rooms

Monetize your event by offering virtual exhibitor booths and facilitating conversations between attendees and exhibitors. Offer sponsorship packages including banner ads, sponsored sessions, branded push notifications and more.

Keep attendees up to date with announcements

8. Push Notifications: Communicate with your audience in real-time

Ensure your attendees have up to the minute information about upcoming sessions, agenda changes, sponsored raffles and more by using our push notification feature – which works with desktop and mobile browsers as well as in our mobile app.

Attendees can access important files straight from your document library

9. Document library: Content on demand

Turn your Virtual Event Space into a content library your attendees can access even after the event has ended. Upload presentation slides to sessions, make recorded sessions available as video-on-demand, and allow speakers and exhibitors to attach relevant documents to their profiles and virtual booths.

Password protect your online event for maximum security

10. Security: Secure events and password protection

Rest assured that your event data is only accessible to registered participants by password-protecting your Virtual Event Space. This also makes it easy to monetize on-demand content once your event is over.

11. Gated Content Access: Offer unique value to different attendees

Create high-value round table discussions, access to special sessions, or even 1:1 meetings with influencers and experts. Visibility into gated areas is limited to those with the right registration type in order to keep the attendee experience as streamlined as possible. 

Get insights into attendee behaviour to prove ROI

12. Analytics: Quantify your event success

Get useful insights about attendee behavior, feature usage, banner ad clicks and more, and prove ROI to your stakeholders by generating custom reports from our analytics section.

EventMobi's Live Stream Production Enabled Professional Virtual Event Experiences

GoLive! By EventMobi: When You Need White-Glove Services to Create Professional Live Stream Production, and Outstanding Live Support for Your Speakers and Attendees

Worried about your workload and want a helping hand – or just some guidance on your virtual event strategy? Our GoLive! team is here to help you with a comprehensive range of professional production services that will help you create a broadcast-quality online or hybrid event. 

1. Strategy & Planning

Your dedicated Event Success Manager can help you design a winning strategy for your virtual event experience. This includes setting up a timeline, determining event goals and creating KPIs, and regularly checking in with key stakeholders in the weeks leading up to your event.

2. Registration Site Setup

Our support specialists will design and build your branded event marketing and registration site to your specifications and support you in creating a flawless, user-friendly registration process.

3. Virtual Event Space Setup

We can help build your customized Virtual Event Space tailored to meet your needs, so you can easily deliver a personalized experience for sponsors and attendees.

4. Exhibitor Management

Our team will ensure your exhibitors make an impact at your virtual event by helping them set up informative and engaging virtual exhibitor booths.

5. Speaker Management

Let us help your speakers prepare for your virtual event, ensuring the delivery of high quality live streams and recordings. This includes providing them with the right training and best practices, as well as completing a dry run to ensure that they are ready to deliver a broadcast quality online presentation.

6. Session Pre-Production for VOD (video-on-demand) and SimuLive (simulated live)

Producing a great livestream has many moving parts. Hardware, streaming software and the right graphics all need to be integrated effectively and tested in order to deliver a polished experience. Our experts will create professional production elements to improve the attendee viewing experience, establish the production elements required (i.e. video/audio, hardware used, stream quality etc.) and integrate these elements into a dry run to be approved by the organizers.

7. Live Production

Our virtual show managers can coordinate every step of your production, including pre-event checklists, dry runs, and producing live and simulive sessions throughout your event. From developing live production assets, links, scripts, videos and streams, to designing the shot list and ensuring the smooth and seamless delivery of all content, we’re an extension of your events team. 

8. Live Attendee Support

Our support specialists can be there to offer live chat support for your attendees from within your Virtual Event Space, addressing all of their technical and product issues, and event-related questions. 

9. Post Event Video Management

Let us help you edit recordings of your live sessions and add them to your content library, ensuring your members and audience can access content they may have missed.

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