EventMobi is Growing

We’ve hit 150! Since the beginning of 2011 we have been the official mobile app provider for more than 150 events! That means EventMobi apps have been in the hands of more than 500,000 attendees…very cool. We’ve also grown to a team of 7, moved to a new office, and started working with 10 new reseller partners! But the year isn’t over yet, in the final quarter we look forward to a continued growth with the expansion of our global partner network. Are you ready to put EventMobi in the hands of your attendees?

The only sad part is we have been so busy that beside our direct clients and partners no one else really knows all the cool things that’s happening at EventMobi. That’s about to change as we are kick starting our blog and newsletter communication channels one more time.

It’s time to officially welcome our new team members:

1) Stephanie Robinson our passionate Client Relations Manager
2) Tom Kacicki our creative Digital Content Manager
3) Collin Henderson our award-winning Front-End Developer and Graphic Designer (check him out http://www.syropia.net/)
4) Johan Harjono our ingenious programmer in charge of our gaming layer (check him out on GitHub)

We’re Moving!

Oh and did I mention we have new digs!? On August 1st EventMobi moved into its brand new office in downtown Toronto. Located in the bustling St. Lawrence Market area, EventMobi staffers are always well fed, highly energized and ready to make magic happen in the palms of your attendees hands.  We will still have presence at our older office at the Centre for Social Innovation building.

A Big Thank You!

Here are a few Team Pics we haven’t gotten to post on time, better now than never!

Our St. Lawrence Office with people at work
EventMobi (St. Lawrence) Office


Say Hello!


Abdul Caught on Camera

And these are the really old pics we never posted!! Much of EventMobi’s success to all the amazing people that helped us grow into the company we are today. Forever grateful and looking for another chance to work with these dudes again.

No Longer With Us, But Still Family

Timothy Armstrong
Timothy Armstrong was our first intern from Waterloo Software Engineering program, truly a programming genius, amazing person and a pleasure to work with. Beside his amazing coding capability and hitting insane deadlines back to back, he was also passionate about what he did, we can still find amazing attention to detail and quality in his code to this day 🙂 Timothy is currently working at Google within the mobile product team at the Waterloo office in Canada.

Chris Pulsinelli
Chris was our 3rd programmer, a graduate of University of Toronto Electrical and Computer Engineering program and a great friend. He sacrificed his weekends helping us develop the first version of EventMobi in 2010. Great memories trying all the Queen West/ChinaTown restaurant with Chris/Bijan/Timothy that summer 🙂 One thing beside Chris great attitude in solving unknown problems was the fact that he wrote such detailed comments and helpful emails to let everyone know how his code works, that’s not a talent you see everyday! Currently Chris is working at IBM, the rest is all secret!

Ritesh Patel
Ritesh was the original technical co-founder of EventMobi way back in California when we were called 5Touch in 2009. He was instrumental in getting our first demo out as a native BlackBerry app. Ritesh literally wrote the first version in 4 weeks and we were out doing early deployment and amazing event planners with all the possibilities of a mobile app for conferences. After a product strategy change and moving locations, Ritesh decided to stay put in Silicon Valley and finish his MBA at Berkley. He is now a super start software manager at Brocade. Much is missed about Ritesh, his passion, dedication and discipline was truly extraordinary.