Simplify Audience Response with EventMobi

Wave goodbye to expensive clickers and complicated SMS systems! Now you can interact with your attendees using polls and surveys right from within our app. Our clients have used this awesome new feature for on-location event surveys, live audience engagement during presentations and for rating sessions and collecting feedback. You get real-time results and an engaged audience. We’ve made some progress since we first released the audience response feature:

  • Now you have the choice to include session polls, session ratings, and event surveys for your event! Session ratings can be star ratings and/or open-ended comments for your sessions.
  • You now have the ability to export the raw data from session polls, ratings, and event surveys into an excel spreadsheet for detailed post-event analysis. In addition, you can force attendees to be logged in before they can respond to any polls and further track the specific response of each attendee.
  • The Live Screen Display for live audience response is now sporting a new look & feel along with new opportunity to monetize the audience response module by creating a custom banner ad for live session polls.

  • You can also create multiple event surveys for different topics or have your sponsors collect data-intelligence from attendees

Check out the video below on how you can use EventMobi’s audience response system for your next event!