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As EventMobi’s Marketing Manager, Jonah works closely with his team to create and share resources for marketers and event planners looking to learn more about registration and event apps. Listening closely to what planners need to succeed, Jonah strives to make the transition into the world of mobile apps as simple and easy as possible. Connect with Jonah on Twitter!

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4 Strategies to Market Your Event App Without a Budget

Managing events is an incredibly intricate and stressful profession, ranking in the top 10 most stressful job lists. Clients’ high expectations, strict deadlines, and the attention to detail needed to successfully run events creates a logistical nightmare.

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event-gamification-ebookNow Available: The Ultimate Guide to Event Gamification [Free Download]

Games are more prevalent than ever before. From popular gaming consoles to the rise of mobile phones, games demand attention and engagement – something businesses are quickly catching on to.

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New Report: Attendee Engagement Data from 2,500 Events Showing Major Usage Increase


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Popular Periscopes get Push NotificationsHow Crowdsourced Live-Streaming Will Change Events Forever

If you thought Twitter was “instant”, try again. Until recently, live streaming from your event meant having an A/V crew set up the camera, lighting, and sound, with a rigid schedule in place; a major investment of time and money. Those … Read more »

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3 Simple Tips You Can Use to Turn Your Session Q&A On Its Head

If the recent exodus from paper show guides to event apps is any sign, certain aspects of your event may soon be broken by the sheer pace of innovation. “Move fast and break things” is the darling phrase of innovators … Read more »

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